Tull Way on ITV News!

Another new media report on the Tull Way Flood Alleviation Scheme published just yesterday (17/01/18) by ITV News:


Tull Way on BBC South Today!

The unveiling of the Tull Way Flood Alleviation Scheme featured on BBC South Today- check out the clip here:

Tull Way Flood Alleviation Scheme on BBC South Today

Plans to create flood protection barriers at four locations in Thatcham are moving forward!

Several areas in Thatcham have been selected on the basis of their geographic effectiveness to store and redirect flood water. These are at Dunstan Green, the Francis Baily School and Kennet School grounds and public park area.
Bunds (earth embankments) will be created in both of the school grounds with gentle slopes to allow grass cutting and landscaping. They will not infringe on the main school grounds or pose any safety risks. The Dunston Park scheme will protect 512 houses. The South East Thatcham scheme will protect 62 houses.
The projects are part of an ongoing programme to protect Thatcham following the severe flooding that took place in July 2007.
At that time, Thatcham suffered widespread surface water flooding affecting at least 1,100 houses causing severe hardship and economic losses to both residents and businesses.
In 2010, West Berkshire Council, together with the Environment Agency, produced the Thatcham Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP). This study assessed in detail flood routes to the north east of Thatcham which originated in the rural area to the north and travelled south through the urban area.
The SWMP identified a series of flood alleviation schemes located around Thatcham that will significantly reduce the risk of future flooding. As part of the strategy to protect east Thatcham, flood alleviation schemes at Dunston Park (which was granted planning permission in May 2017) and in South East Thatcham were identified. This follows the Cold Ash Hill flood defence scheme that was completed in 2014 and the scheme at Tull Way which is currently under construction.
The proposed Dunston Park Scheme (to the north of Floral Way) involves the construction of a basin and embankment. This will control the main flood routes by slowing the release of water from the basin.  However, there are several other flood routes to the south which still leave south east Thatcham vulnerable to flooding.
The proposed South East Thatcham scheme is designed to manage these remaining overland flood routes by constructing strategically located embankments at Dunstan Green, the Francis Baily and Kennet School grounds and public park area.
The embankments will vary in height from 0.5m to 1.0m and will include a length of flood wall 0.5m to 1m high with control structures. A shallow swale 0.5m deep is proposed within the school grounds to collect and direct flood water through the control structures.  To achieve this, some improvements will be made at Harts Hill Road to divert water from the roads into the Dunstan Green park area. Overall the scheme will enhance the social, economic and environmental value of the area by reducing flood risk.  The surplus excavated material from the Dunston Park scheme will be used to construct the embankments for the South East Thatcham flood scheme to maximise both environmental and economic viability.
Work will start in spring 2018, and all work within school grounds will be done during school holidays to minimise disruption.
West Berkshire Council will submit a Planning Application for the schemes later this year.
More details can be found at: http://info.westberks.gov.uk/sethatchamfas

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Thatcham Floods – 10 years on

Richard Benyon MP, visited the Flood Alleviation building site at Tull Way in Thatcham on Wednesday 9th August 2017.

Press released issued by West Berkshire Council on 10 August 2017

Richard Benyon MP spent time finding about the construction of the scheme, which is well underway  and speaking to the various partners involved in making it happen.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Thatcham Flood Forum is looking for volunteers to support its work. If you, or somebody you know, is looking to gain valuable administrative experience, or you have flooding/drainage expertise you are willing to offer, do please get in touch.

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