Planning Application submitted for first of seven proposed attenuation ponds

PLANNING APPLICATION 13/02400/COMIND (relating to flood protection measures)

An application for planning permission for construction of an ATTENUATION POND to the east of Cold Ash Hill (phase 1), near Little Copse, has been published by West Berkshire Council.

This is the first of 7 such ponds, which are proposed in the Surface Water Management Plan for Thatcham.  Designed to reduce the risk of flooding in the Town.

It is hoped that this first pond will be followed by others to the west of Cold Ash Hill, to the north of Tull Way, on Floral Way (Dunstan Park) and at Dunstan Green which, along with extensions to existing structures, will greatly reduce the danger of a repeat of the devastating floods of July 2007.

These ponds are NOT intended to hold water permanently but only to temporarily hold back exceptional volumes from surface run-off, which the drainage system cannot immediately cope with. The ponds will then release the stored water into the existing system over a longer period, thereby allowing time for better management of the these exceptional volumes. For the vast majority of time the ponds will be “green” and fit within the landscape. Anyone concerned is asked to view the attenuation pond on the west of Pipers Way on the road to Thatcham Station; or the bund which has been constructed to protect Bucklebury village.

This circular is being delivered to households that are most likely to benefit from the protection resulting from the Cold Ash Hill (phase 1) pond.

To obtain the optimum funding work must start on this project as soon as possible. Applications for funds to build the remaining 6 ponds will be greatly enhanced if the Thatcham community is fully supportive. Thatcham Flood Forum has worked very hard to get to this stage and would therefore be grateful for your support to achieve completion of the entire plan.

The plans can be inspected at either Thatcham Town Council Offices in Brownsfield Road or at Cold Ash Parish Council Offices, during normal opening hours, or online at  Any comments or queries can be directed to Thatcham Flood Forum or West Berkshire Council at any time.

Further information about these schemes is available from:

You can view the Surface Water Management Plan for Thatcham at


Iain Dunn
Chairman, Thatcham Flood Forum

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