The Thatcham Flood Forum was set up as a result of recommendations contained in the Thatcham Town Council’s report on flooding which occurred during July 2007.

The aim of the Forum is to offer information and advice to residents on flood protection measures and to represent the various needs of the Town on issues ranging from blocked drains to drainage provision on new developments.  The Forum monitors existing work programmes and assists in highlighting additional remedial work which might be necessary.

Thatcham Town Council has agreed to support the running of a Thatcham Flood Forum for a period of two years. This will be affiliated to the National Flood Forum and will be able to share information and experience with other similar groups around Britain. Thatcham Flood Forum will also be given responsibility for following up and monitoring actions identified by this and other reports.

By working in partnership with local residents, landowners, West Berkshire Council, Thames Water, The Enviroment Agency and DEFRA, the Forum aims to reduce the impact of any future flooding in the Town. A formal Steering Group has been established; however if you wish to contribute to the work of proposed forum (independent group of residents and business representatives), please contact Thatcham Town Council.

The Thatcham Flood Forum is now tackling some of the issues raised from the Town Council’s Flood Report “Flooding in Thatcham July 2007 – September 2008 A year in perspective.”  One of the priority issues is to look at the unadopted developments and the need to put pressure on developers to meet standards for adoption and to verify that once a development is occupied the developers act responsibly to ensure that all occupied properties are kept safe from flooding.