Cold Ash Hill

A design for a pond at Cold Ash was initiated in 2011 with a detailed design and associated documents produced in early 2012. This secured funding from the Environment Agency and allowed us to apply for a grant from West Berkshire Council. Planning permission was then applied for and granted in 2013 and construction completed by end of 2014.

The ponds are NOT intended to hold water permanently but only to temporarily hold back exceptional volumes from surface run-off, which the drainage system cannot immediately cope with. The ponds will then release the stored water into the existing system over a longer period, thereby allowing time for better management of these exceptional volumes. For the vast majority of time the ponds will be “green” and fit within the landscape. Anyone concerned is asked to view the attenuation pond on the west of Pipers Way on the road to Thatcham Station; or the bund which has been constructed to protect Bucklebury village.

Cold Ash Gallery