South East Thatcham

The South East Thatcham scheme extends the flood defenses in the south of Thatcham.

The proposed South East Thatcham scheme is designed to manage these remaining overland flood routes by constructing strategically located embankments at Dunstan Green, the Francis Baily and Kennet School grounds and public park area. The embankments will vary in height from 0.5m to 1.0m and will include a length of flood wall 0.5m to 1m high with control structures. This will protect an additional 62 houses.

A shallow swale 0.5m deep is proposed within the school grounds to collect and direct flood water through the control structures.

Some improvements will be made at Harts Hill Road to divert water from the roads into the Dunstan Green park area.

The surplus excavated material from the Dunstan Park scheme will be used to construct the embankments for the South East Thatcham flood scheme.

This will lead to some disruption as the earth is transported between the locations.

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Summer 2019 Update

Earth is being moved from Dunstan Park to the playing fields for the embankments there. These will form a series of areas that will temporarily contain water to ensure that the drainage system can cope with the water flow.